Ninjala anime series to air weekly on YouTube starting January 13

GungHo Online Entertainment has announced the broadcast schedule and release platform for the upcoming anime series based on their hit free online multiplayer action game Ninja.New episodes stream every Thursday at 7:00pm PST play ninja YouTube channel, the series will premiere on the week of January 13, 2022. Unfortunately, you will only have 7 days to watch each episode, as the previous episode will be unavailable as soon as a new one arrives. Not sure if there will be a way to watch the series in the future, at least for free.

Ninjala is now available through the Nintendo Switch eShop with over 8 million downloads worldwide. Check out the plot summary for the animated adaptation below, and be sure to tune in.

“A ninja anime series featuring the game’s eight main characters (Burton, Bereka, Ron, Van, Emma, ​​Jane, Kapin, and Lucy) plus Gumchi is about to begin!”

“Ninja glue, a known substance that enhances a ninja’s strength and pulls it out…
Three researchers from the World Ninja Association (WNA), Burton, Berecca, and Ron, took on the task of developing the secret personally. Unfortunately, they can only produce failure after failure.
But after three years of experimentation, they finally succeeded in producing ninja gum!
The ultimate ninja fighting tournament “Ninja” using ninja glue is held to find the strongest ninja, but events and conspiracies involving the existence of ninja glue and unknown creatures take place behind the scenes…”

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