Nintendo Ambassador said, ” [E3 Direct] Appreciation experience “

Within 24 hours, Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct will be launched. Since it was announced, fans have been very interested in what the company shares. But if you’re trying to hold back expectations and responsibly hype, Nintendo’s latest move may not help.

Nintendo Ambassadors report on their Twitter account that Nintendo is sending packages. The package with the message “Break in case of extreme excitement” contains a variety of items. One of the items was a letter from Nintendo saying “I want you to send me a fun item that will help you improve your viewing experience” during the direct.

Nintendo wants to use these items to “show how excited you are” when ambassadors see what is being hyped. Of course, Nintendo also states that “everyone knows that this time of the year has a (Famicom) detective hat,” so none of the items suggest a direct announcement. .. Below is a tweet from one of the Nintendo Ambassadors who is broadcasting the news.