Nintendo closes California and Toronto offices

According to a new report Kotaku And confirm edge, Nintendo has closed its offices in California and Toronto.

The closure of the office in Redwood, California affects approximately 100 employees in Nintendo’s sales and marketing department and NMI, a “specialized sales field team working with retail stores across the country.” Kotaku’s article mentioned that “many employees who are now displaced are uncomfortable with this decision.”

Nintendo confirmed the closure in a statement to The Verge. The following is the full text of the statement:

Nintendo’s US headquarters are located in Redmond, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia. We are moving more employees and business to these headquarters, and over time we will close small satellite offices in Toronto, Ontario, and Redwood, California.

Nintendo of America (NOA) Executive Vice President of Commercial Affairs and Publisher Relations Devon Pritchard (Devon Pritchard) will temporarily lead the sales, marketing and communications departments after Nick Chavez resigns. Ms. Pritchard will oversee sales, marketing and communications strategy and execution in the U.S. and Canada

We don’t yet know how many jobs have actually been affected. From what we learned in the above statement, many characters are migrating to Nintendo headquarters in the United States and Canada. Due to the rise of hybrid and remote work solutions, closing an office may not necessarily mean unemployment. For some people, the opportunity for relocation seems to be on the table.

According to reports, with the closure of the Redwood location, Nintendo’s only West Coast office remains in Washington State, which is home to its headquarters and distribution center.

The company recently released the Metroid Dread, a new OLED model of the Switch, and added new Switch Online features (and the price increase to support it). For your weekly audio Nintendo news and discussions, check out our podcast All Things Nintendo.