Nintendo denies Bloomberg’s report on 4K Switch system

Nintendo responded to Bloomberg’s new article this morning, which stated that Nintendo has begun to provide developers with 4K development kits for the modified Switch model. The company stated on its official investor relations account that Bloomberg’s article was wrong and that they did not provide developers with tools to create higher-level games for the future Nintendo Switch system. Bloomberg reported that the 11 development studios they talked to have also received new tools for developing higher-spec games. The development kit will be launched in July 2021. The second half of 2022 is likely to be during the Christmas period.

“The news report on September 30, 2021 (JST) falsely claimed that Nintendo is providing tools to promote game development for 4K-enabled Nintendo Switch. To ensure that our investors and customers understand it correctly, we want to clarify that the report is untrue. “

“We also want to reiterate that, as we announced in July, we have no plans for any new models other than the Nintendo Switch-OLED model that will be launched on October 8, 2021.”