Nintendo Direct September 2021: The biggest announcement

Nintendo’s September 2021 Direct has brought great nostalgia to Nintendo’s longtime fans. The 40-minute speech revives the game announced a long time ago, and even revealed some surprise projects from later this year to the summer of 2022. One of the biggest announcements was not even the game, because Shigeru Miyamoto himself revealed the upcoming Mario cast movie.

The StoryStream provided by Polygon for this event has everything you want to know. But if you just want the highlights, here are the top 10 trailers and they will be revealed from the Nintendo Direct on Thursday.

Kirby The Forgotten Land is Kirby’s post-apocalyptic adventure

Kirby and the Forgotten Place One of the only new games announced on Nintendo Direct, it brings Kirby into a new genre. As a traditional 2D hero, Kirby will be able to explore the post-apocalyptic world in 3D. He will still devour enemies and possess their power, but in a more three-dimensional space.

Kirby’s latest adventure will be launched on Nintendo Switch in the spring of 2022.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass adds new content, including Nintendo 64 game

Nintendo revealed that it is expanding its Nintendo Switch Online bonus through another premium service. The company did not disclose the cost of this add-on, but it did show the rewards players will get: the digital Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis game series. This new feature will be launched at the end of October.

The service will be launched together with Nintendo 64 classic games, such as Super Mario 64, Star Fox 64, with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The initial Genesis products include Sonic 2, Ecco dolphin, with Golden AxeNintendo will also sell new Nintendo 64 and Genesis controllers compatible with the Switch, each priced at $49.99.

Additional N64 headers-e.g. Majora’s mask, F-zero, Even Banjo -Services will be provided later.

Mario movie will be released in 2022 holiday

Shigeru Miyamoto reminds players that he is working with Illumination-the studio behind despicable Me -Make Mario movies. The film will be released in North America on December 21 and includes a superimposed voice actor. Chris Pratt will play Mario, Anya Taylor Joy will play Peach, Charlie Day will play Luigi, and Jack Black will play Bowser. Keegan-Michael Key will play Toad, and Seth Rogan will even play Donkey Kong. Mario’s long-time voice actor Charles Martinet will also appear in various guest roles in the film.

Beyonita 3 Got a redisplayed trailer

After years of waiting, Bayonet 3 Fans have a new understanding of their favorite witch. The new trailers for Nintendo and PlatinumGames started with a movie-like disguise, but eventually evolved into Bayonetta kicking some huge demons on the street.

Long line 3 Seeing the return of mammals

Nintendo shows a lot Splatoon 3 Gameplay, including new multiplayer abilities, such as the ability to become a Squid Spiderman. But the company also revealed that Splatoon 3The campaign will be called “The Return of Mammals” and will provide players with a new world to explore.

monster hunter Rise is expanding

Monster Hunter Rise New expansions will take place in the summer of 2022: SunscreenNintendo calls this expansion “large-scale” and it will include new monsters, locations, hunting operations, and mission levels.This is a paid DLC, similar to Ice field Unfold world It’s 2019.

Chocobo GP is Final fantasyNew kart racer

Final Fantasy got the kart racing of the 2000s Chocobo GP. Players can slide on roller skates as chocobos, or customize their own karts to compete with opponents. Racers can even upgrade the spells they find on the battlefield by collecting multiple versions of the same element, such as from Fire to Fira. Chocobo GP Will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch and launched in 2022.

Castlevania Premium collection is out today

Fans of Castlevania will be able to replay some classic handheld games in the series Castlevania Premium Collection -Launched on Thursday night.Players will be able to rewind, quickly save and map their own buttons Castlevania: Ring of the Moon, Castlevania: Disharmonious Harmony, Castlevania, sad aria, And SNES title Castlevania: Dracula X.

Actraiser Renaissance is a replica of the classic work-it is also in theaters today

Favorite classic actor Will land on Nintendo Switch with a new remake on Thursday afternoon. Actor renaissance Players will be allowed to fight through 2D levels and cultivate land. It also includes old and new music.

animal Crossing: New Horizons and Smash Bros. Ultimate are getting their own Directs

The last major announcement of Nintendo Direct in September is more like a counter-announcement.Nintendo teases players about the coming Animal Crossing: New Horizons with Super smash bro final announcement.But not to reveal the final DLC role Smash Or what players can add to their Animal Crossing Village, Nintendo announced the launch of two mini games.Finally, it is directly Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition It will be broadcast at 10 a.m. Eastern Time on October 5th. Animal Crossing Direct will be broadcast later in October, but Nintendo did not provide a specific date.