Nintendo explains why Switch OLED has bright mode and standard mode

In a recent interview with the product developers behind the recently launched Nintendo Switch (OLED model), the team explained why they provided users with two options in terms of displays. If you own a Nintendo Switch (OLED model), you will notice that you can choose between vivid mode and standard mode. Vivid mode enhances vivid colors, which may be offensive to some players, so they also include a standard mode to make the visual effects displayed on the screen more natural. I have noticed that some users on social media said that they prefer the vivid mode of some games and the standard mode of other games, but it all depends on personal choice. Nintendo Switch (OLED model) is now available.

Although the colors of OLED displays have become more vivid, some customers may feel that the colors look too vivid. With this in mind, we let players choose a standard color mode to make it look like a traditional LCD monitor. If you prefer the bright colors of the OLED display, you can keep it in the default bright color mode out of the box.

Toru Yamashita, deputy general manager of technology development at Nintendo.