Nintendo Fan collected all 1,244 Game Boy games in two years

A complete collection of all Game Boy games.

How many of these games have you played?
picture: Shout/Twitter

Twitter user Shouta is now the proud owner of all 1,244 Game Boy games. Congratulations! It took less time to complete the collection than he thought. Thanks for the help of Twitter.

In the United States, Game Boy released 1,046 games, but in Japan, there are 1,244(Please note that these figures are only officially released games and do not include unauthorized games or cancelled games.)

Morita started collecting seriously in September 2019 and completed it in only two years. He collected all the Japanese game boy game.

“I have always liked Game Boy, I bought a lot of games to play,” Shouta said Kotaku, “Along the way, this has become a complete set of decisions.”

When he collected, Shouta posted his progress on Twitter, and followers helped him track the lost games. “Without Twitter, it would take five years.“He told us. All games can be played——Shota made sure of this when acquiring them.

The series is now in do it yourself Display stand.

It is not cheap to put things like this together, but Shouta is not sure how much he has invested in his collection. “I didn’t add up how much money I spent, so I don’t know,” he said.The most rare headline is Jaguar sewing machine embroidery software: Mario Family, It can be used with Jaguar’s JN-100 sewing machine by connecting Nintendo’s portable computer. Then the sewing machine can copy any of the 32 Nintendo themed patterns from the Game Boy Color game.

In Japan, only a copy of the ink cartridge is priced at 50,000 yen (US$454), while a copy with a box and instruction manual can be sold for up to 100,000 yen (US$909).

Now that his Game Boy series has been completed, it makes sense to move On the Game Boy Advance“I also have a desire to collect GBA, but I think I will start by making my own storage rack, just like I did for the Game Boy,” he told Kotaku. but Elsewhere on Twitter, Shouta seems keen to complete his Famicom series.

“Currently, I have six hundred games, so Famicom must be the next one!” Shuta had better work on those racks.

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