Nintendo has an exciting plan for 2022

Despite stable releases like Bowser’s Fury, New Pokémon Snap and Monster Hunter Rise, let alone the new Switch model, I don’t think many people will call 2021 an outstanding year for Nintendo. To be fair, most companies do the same because the speed bumps associated with the pandemic force delays and adversely affect development. Thankfully, it’s somewhat surprising that 2022 looks like the opposite.yesterday Nintendo Direct Determining next year provides a series of reasons to make people excited about owning a Switch, and several high-profile first and third-party exclusive products are waiting. The company also managed to generate a lot of excitement overall.

For example, hThis is the confirmed Switch exclusive list coming out next year. With the release of “Pokemon Legends: Arceus” in January 2022, the first truly open world Pokémon game will usher in. The highly anticipated Bayonetta 3 is finally released next year and looks great. Kirby and the Forgotten Land drop their beloved pink ball in a full 3D open world. Splatoon 3 brings new changes to Nintendo’s popular multiplayer game series.

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is the sequel to Ubisoft’s unexpectedly excellent cross-border strategy game. Similarly, “Triangle Strategy” provides a more serious tactical game from the makers of Octopath Traveler. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a huge expansion of one of the best-selling Switch games of 2021. Of course, the sequel The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, One of the most famous games of all time has made headlines this year.That is a Murderer’s line Software that any publisher will be proud of.

These games should look great on the Switch OLED, because it has been widely used and provided Nintendo with new hardware for money printing.The performance of this minimally upgraded Switch (it launched on October 8th) remains to be seen, but initial pre-order Sold out hastily. To be honest: This is a Switch, a platform that has been selling blockbusters regardless of model. OLED may continue this trend in 2022, as many existing Switch users fabricate excuses (or get involved in tax rebates) to upgrade to brighter screens in preparation for the next major version release.

Bayonet 3

It’s not just games and hardware. Illumination’s animated Mario movie will premiere in December next year, and If it is not a big hit, I would be surprised. On the one hand, it is Mario; he is the Mickey Mouse of the video game world, loved by generations of fans, hardcore gamers and others. Animated films made by the studio behind the success of the “Despicable Me” and “Minions” series? Although we know that Illumination does not stingy on talents, regardless of its quality, this movie is smooth sailing.Nintendo just announced its all-star lineup, which includes Chris Pratt (Mario), Charlie Day (Luigi) and Jack Black (Bossell) in. Mario is likely to resonate with children, their parents grew up with Mario in some form or fashion, and yes, even hardcore skeptics shake their heads in this part of the article.Very like Sonic the Hedgehog Before it, I suspect that tired fans would initially refuse to watch it until they are curious or nostalgic to buy tickets.

The most exciting thing is that this is only confirmed news. Nintendo likes to pull surprise announcements from its ass-remember when they released Paper Mario: Oragami King a few months later without any hint of its existence and launched it? Metroid Prime 4 still exists, as is the rumored Prime collection. Maybe we will get a new Mario platform game to match this movie. Nintendo is probably the most unpredictable company, making it one of the most exciting. We don’t know what surprises it has, but I’m glad to know. This year I did not start my Switch as often as I hoped, but with this lineup and more, it will be hard not to be attracted to Mario House next year.