Nintendo has successfully removed the YouTube video of the Mario NFT gambling fan game

It’s not surprising to see that Nintendo has been trying to cancel fan games related to Nintendo, because Nintendo has done so many times over the years, but if you find the latest examples of this pattern, you might be a little surprised. In fact, this time, you may not even be frustrated by this happening.

You see, it has been discovered that Nintendo has been deleting game videos that promote Mario fan games and players gamble with cryptocurrency NFT. The administrator of the project later admitted that this was indeed what Nintendo did. However, they also vigorously defended the game, even calling it a “cool indie concept”, and told “all Nintendo sims have panic attacks, don’t be afraid. When we go online, the entire game will have custom art, There is no original Nintendo fan-made sprite. This is just a proof of concept. The engine is customized and will be used in other original games.”

As mentioned earlier in this article, some of you may not be upset about Nintendo’s cancellation of this fan game. NFT is a form of cryptocurrency that has received a lot of criticism for using such extreme amounts of data. It actually harms the environment. Nevertheless, the game itself has not been removed, only some YouTube game videos. If Nintendo’s actions on the team increase, we will notify you.