Nintendo is “continuously improving” the Joy-Con controller to combat drift

this Nintendo Switch The Joy-Con drift problem is an unsightly flaw on other great consoles. This problem caused Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa to apologize to consumers and triggered lawsuits from dissatisfied customers. It is safe to say that this is a big problem for the company.

But at least Nintendo is trying to solve this problem.In a new interview edge, Nintendo American boss Doug Bowser said that the company is “continuously improving” the Joy-Con controller to prevent notorious hardware failures.

“When we went through the first five and a half years of Nintendo Switch, we observed the gameplay, we observed the way people dress when they returned goods, and we have been continuously improving the overall Joy-Con, including the analog joystick,” he told the website.

“This latest version of Nintendo Switch OLED has the same updated analog joystick as the original Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.”

Before the Switch OLED was launched, Nintendo said it had improved the controller, especially the internal components of the analog joystick. The company said that since the console was launched, it has been continuously improving the controller and incorporating these changes into the Joy-Con controller that comes with the base console, Nintendo Switch Lite, and a separately sold controller.

Well, hope this question gets better over time. Although the Switch hardware has been improved since its launch in 2016, Nintendo acknowledged that drift is still possible and stated that this is only due to wear and tear.

“The degree of wear depends on factors such as the combination of materials and forms, so we continue to improve by studying which combinations are unlikely to wear,” Nintendo‚Äôs deputy general manager of technology development Toru Yamashita said in October when he explained that the company has also changed A way to test the durability of hardware in order to better isolate and solve problems.