Nintendo is developing a new Switch controller, which will be announced in the next six months

Nintendo’s next change The controller was found in a New application Cooperate with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States. Nintendo did not describe the controller in detail, and platform owners specifically requested that the details remain hidden until the controller is officially announced.

The new controller carries the model identification number HAC-043, indicating that it is a Switch peripheral. Nintendo’s latest Switch controller is HAC-042, which is a wireless SNES controller for Switch. HAC-043 is also wireless.

However, unlike this controller, Nintendo does not share any charts with the file—at least not those that are publicly available. Nintendo requires 180 days (from September 16) to see any design images, manuals, etc. submitted by it in the list.

Nintendo wrote in a letter to the FCC: “This application contains technical information, which we consider to be trade secrets and proprietary information. If disclosed, this information may be detrimental to applicants in the market.”

The design of this new Switch controller may be based on an existing controller from one of Nintendo’s classic game consoles, especially if the company plans to roll out the game from this console to Switch Online. The report shows that Game Boy and Game Boy Color games are marching to NSO, and more classic game consoles will be launched soon.

thanks, VGC.