Nintendo Minute’s Kit & Krysta are starting their own podcast

Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang were once the hosts of Nintendo Minute, which was a series that would receive new episodes every Friday on Nintendo’s YouTube channel. However, the series ended in December. Since then, they have explained why the series ended and why they left Nintendo. The only question remaining was their future plans.

Well, they addressed the matter today. Kit and Krysta have announced the “Kit & Krysta Podcast”, a podcast show they will be starting. Just like Nintendo Minute, it will be a weekly series that will see a new episode release every Friday. There is also a Patreon page for the show where fans can pay $5 to be able to see every episode on Wednesdays, 2 days before they go live to the public.

As for what the show will be about, the show’s Patreon page says that “the show gives a look into what it was like for two best friends to work in the video game industry, and every episode features a never before heard story from Kit and Krysta’s time at Nintendo. Kit and Krysta are also answering your questions, talking about the games they are playing, breaking down what’s happening around gaming and sharing fun segments which Nintendo Minute fans will recognize immediately”. There’s also a new official Twitter account for the show, where an announcement tweet was posted. You can see the tweet down below.