Nintendo of America has received labor complaints

For a variety of reasons, Nintendo is no stranger to legal matters. However, they are usually not this large. You will see that an unnamed worker has filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The complaint alleges that Nintendo and the company it used to hire a contractor named Aston Carter violated their legally protected union rights.

According to the indictment filed Friday, Nintendo and Aston Carter engaged in “coordinated activities” and took “coercive action” against workers, even interfering with their legally protected right to organize. The exact details are unclear, as the publicly released version of the complaint is not included. However, Axios speculates that the allegations could include “allegations of surveillance, threats, retaliation, and layoffs or denial of employment.”

The complaint was filed in Washington state. Since this is where Nintendo of America’s headquarters is located, this is likely to be a strict Nintendo of America issue. Nintendo and Aston Carter have not responded to any media requests for comment at this time, according to Axios.