Nintendo of the United States has closed its offices in California and Toronto, laying off approximately 100 employees

This may surprise you, but Nintendo of the United States does not have a building used as a headquarters. In fact, they have 2 of them. One is in the United States, located in Redmond, Washington. The other can be found in Canada, located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Nintendo also has 2 smaller offices. One is in Toronto, Ontario, and the other is in Redwood, California. Unfortunately, Nintendo announced that these two offices will be closed. In a statement provided to Kotaku, Nintendo of America stated, “Nintendo’s US headquarters are located in Redmond, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia. We are moving more employees and operations to these headquarters as time goes by. , Will close the small satellite offices in Toronto, Ontario and Redwood, California.”

Unfortunately, this is not the only bad news. Nick Chavez of Nintendo of the United States will resign as senior vice president of sales and marketing. Earlier this week, he announced on LinkedIn that he would join KFC to help the company continue to grow Yum! brand. KFC’s US branch appointed him as its chief advertising and marketing officer earlier today.

Before Reggie Fils-Aime’s retirement, the position of Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing was held by Doug Bowser. After Reggie retired, Doug Bowser was promoted to the position of President of Nintendo of America, and the vacancy left by Doug Bowser was filled by Chavez. In a statement to Kotaku, Nintendo of the United States stated that “Devin Pritchard, Executive Vice President of Commercial Affairs and Publisher Relations of Nintendo of America (NOA), will temporarily serve as the sales, marketing and communications department after Nick Chavez leaves. Leadership. Ms. Pritchard will oversee sales, marketing and communications strategy and execution in the United States and Canada.”

Sadly, there is more bad news to share. You see, Nintendo’s closing of these two offices means that about 100 employees are being laid off. According to Kotaku, “a source” told them that “many employees who have now left are uncomfortable with this decision.” The good news is that no employees seem to have been fired. However, their displacement still brings them annoying inconvenience, which may cause them to make some important decisions quickly.