Nintendo President Comments on New Switch Hardware

Rumors have been circulating for months that Nintendo is working on some kind of updated Switch hardware called the Nintendo Switch Pro, which has a larger screen and can output in 4K resolution. But E3 is coming and going, and Nintendo hasn’t announced such a device. Is all the hope of seeing the upgraded switch by the end of the year gone? may be. Or it may not be. Nintendo keeps all the cards very close to the best.

Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo of America, said some of the Switch Pro rumors: Recent interview The Washington Post said: “We’re always looking at technology and how it can improve the gameplay experience. It’s not technology for technology. It’s about how technology can specifically enhance the gameplay experience. And where do you want to apply that technology? Do you want to apply it to your current existing hardware or platform, or wait for the next platform? And what is the correct gameplay experience with that? There are many factors involved, which are what we are always looking at. “

Bowser may have avoided the question about the new hardware a bit, but said: “In the fifth year, Nintendo Switch is redefining what the console life cycle looks like, and the vibrancy of the entire life cycle, with a powerful content rhythm,” Bowser said. ..

Nintendo may not need to release new hardware immediately. To date, Switch has sold 85 million consoles as of April and remains one of Nintendo’s most successful hardware. Does that mean the company won’t release switch upgrades in the future? No. When is the real problem? And the answer is everyone’s guess (so choose it).

Be sure to read the full Washington Post article for more information on what Bowser thinks about Nintendo as a whole.

[Source: The Washington Post]