Nintendo rejected some of Samus’s placeholder grunts and screams in Metroid Prime because it was too “sexy” and “sensual”

People who worked in the Metroid Prime game more than ten years ago learned more about how the game was developed from time to time. Most insights are usually small in nature and tend to focus on specific aspects of the game development process.

Well, more insights are provided today. Clark Wynn, the audio director of Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, talked to the Kiwi Talks podcast team and talked about 2 Metroid Prime games. About 31 minutes into the beginning of the episode, Wen talked about Samus’s voice, revealing some new details about how the process works.

Wen said that they initially asked one of the designers to record some temporary placeholder sounds for Samus’s grunts and screams because “we really want to make sure that the effects of Samus’s damage can be recognized in the game.” These voices were never intended to be finalized, but when Nintendo sent them feedback about Samus’s voice, “they said it sounds too sexy, too sexy.” Wen said that “they are very, very particular about the human voice in general,” so Wen asked Nintendo to do the dubbing. Wen explained that they “finally recorded a few actresses for Samus’s singing, and we took them back a few months later, and we finally chose the voice we thought was the best.”

As for the voice of Sams who did enter the final state of the game, Wen also talked about it. This is a topic that some Metroid fans have been curious about for some time. You see, there are some fan speculations that Jennifer Hale (Jennifer Hale) is well known for dubbing Commander Shepard in Mass Effect games, and he has voiced Samus in all 3 Metroid Prime games and Metroid Prime Hunter. . In these 4 games, her role as Sams has not received any praise, so there is some uncertainty about this matter.

According to Wen, he is 90% to 95% sure, but not entirely sure, Jennifer Hale provided Samus with the voice. Wen said that this is because the only initial letter on the audio file is “JH”. However. Samus’s death was actually recorded by a different voice actor, with the acronym “VM”, because the text “hope it sounds more like the voice in “Super Metroid”.” You can view Clark Wen’s interview with the Kiwi Talks podcast team below. As mentioned earlier, Sams’ voice was discussed within 31 minutes of the episode. Jennifer Hale’s participation in the role was a topic they discussed immediately afterwards.