Nintendo said the Switch is still in the mid-stage, and the next-generation concept and release time are still under discussion

Nintendo reiterated that they are busy developing a successor to the Nintendo Switch, although this may still have a way to go because the company told investors last night that they still believe that the Switch is only in the mid-stage of its life cycle. The company said that they are still in internal discussions about the concept and release time of the next-generation platform, which sounds like the successor of the Switch may be a few years away.

Q: What is your opinion on the next generation of 20xx devices? A: There is nothing to say. Switch believes that it is in the mid-stage of the cycle. Now there is OLED and the momentum continues, with a wide variety of software lineups. A: Regarding the next generation, we are not talking about it now, we are still discussing concepts, timing, etc., and discussing everything internally.

David Gibson

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