Nintendo servers may struggle during Christmas

Nintendo recommends that fans create new Nintendo accounts before this weekend to avoid potential server problems during the Christmas holidays.On Twitter, the publisher’s Japan Customer Service Account Give a warning before Christmas weekend.

Put it in Google Translate, the content of the tweet is as follows:

“This weekend, visits will be concentrated on the #Nintendo Account server, and it is not expected that a Nintendo Account will be created immediately. If you plan to use the Nintendo Switch family for the first time, we recommend that you create it in advance.”

Interestingly, this tweet did not mention the eShop at all, indicating that the company wants its digital storefront to remain stable during this unusually busy period. This is surprising, because the entire Nintendo eShop closed down last year, and on Christmas Day, it succumbed under the pressure of countless excited new Nintendo Switch users. Since Nintendo accounts are a key part of account creation, the large-scale registration of new Nintendo accounts put pressure on the company’s servers.

As always, if you are generous enough to buy a Nintendo Switch for Christmas, we recommend that you set up the account of the lucky person and download the game before this weekend.

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