Nintendo shares what critics and players think of “Mario Party Superstar”

You played Mario Party Superstar Is the game played? If not, what are you waiting for?Multiplayer party games are now exclusively available Nintendo Switch The system family, we are very happy to see that critics and players like it so much. We are happy to let you join the party! Mario Party Superstars provides multiplayer fun. Players can play with family and friends locally or through online games. It contains five classic boards from the Nintendo 64 Mario Party game and a collection of 100 mini-games from the series.

Check out the new trailer for this game, which highlights some positive reactions to this fun, family-friendly game. What is your favorite mini game? Is it crazy bumpball? Or maybe Crazy Cutters based on accuracy? How about the chaotic mushroom mix, which always seems to end with someone screaming of happiness or failure? We hope you have fun in the game. We are glad that people like it so much!

Source: Nintendo of America