Nintendo shares Xenoblade Chronicles 3 news from producer

Nintendo recently sent an email to Japanese customers written by Tetsuya Takahashi, senior director of Monolith Soft’s Xenoblade Chronicles 3. He started by thanking fans for purchasing the latest game, and went on to say that the recently released Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was “the climax of the entire series so far, and it really is.” He said it was a “stopping point” for him, but assured fans it didn’t mean this was the end of the series. Those who finish it and stream the upcoming downloadable content in the future will know where the series is headed next, Mr. Takahashi said.

“Hello to everyone who bought Xenoblade Chronicles 3. I’m Takahashi from Monolith Soft.

Thanks for your support, twelve years after the original Xenoblade was released for the Wii in 2010, we’re releasing our third Xenoblade game. Xenoblade 3 has been called the climax of the entire series, and it really is. We at Monolith put everything we’ve cultivated over the past 12 years.

It was also a stopping point for me. The title depicts the end of the Xenoblade Chronicles story that began with Klaus’ experiments.

While this is a conclusion, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the Xenoblade series. It’s just a stopping point in my mind. I think everyone who has played this game and the other stories in the Expansion Pass can imagine what the future holds for Xenoblade.

I have a suggestion on how to play Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Some things are marked with ? on the game map. Even if you are finding the ? mark, try taking a detour. There are many encounters waiting there.

Thank you for your continued support of Xenoblade Chronicles 3! “