Nintendo shows off new Mario party superstar ad

The next big hit on the Nintendo Switch platform is the Mario Party Superstar, which will debut at the end of this month. The game is a celebration of the long-running Mario Party franchise, which includes many mini-games from the previous Mario Party games remade for new entries. There are 5 classic boards in the Nintendo 64 Mario Party game, 100 classic mini games in the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo GameCube games, and more games in Mt. Minigames. Mario Party Superstars also has an online game function, which should inject new vitality into the game. Check out Mario Party Superstars’ new North American ad below.

Victory is sweet, stealing stars is satisfying! Use 100 classic mini games and 5 classic boards in Mario Party Superstars to reverse the situation. On sale on October 29, 2021. Only applicable to Nintendo Switch. ESRB rating: Everyone has mild cartoon violence.