Nintendo Switch can now pair Bluetooth audio devices

Nintendo Announce The newest change The update includes the ability to pair Bluetooth sound devices with the system. This will allow players to finally use Bluetooth headsets and speakers with a hybrid console, something that has been very missing since its release.

The announcement comes with a new Support page Explain how to pair your device. In short, there is now a new category called Bluetooth Audio under system settings that allows you to pair audio devices with the system. Reconnecting is as simple as turning on the device and being in range, but sometimes you have to return to the system settings menu to pair manually. Overall, it looks very intuitive, but time will tell how effective it actually is.

However, this has some limitations, such as when the Bluetooth device is active, you can only use up to two controllers. In addition, when using local communication, Bluetooth audio will be disconnected. It is also worth noting that only one audio device can be paired at a time, but ten can be saved on the system. And the Bluetooth microphone cannot be used at this time.

Given its incredible popularity, when it comes to Switch, news about additional features is always welcome. With the upcoming release of OLED models, Nintendo is expected to continue to see strong sales and product saturation. Nintendo also recently announced that due to the release of the OLED model, it is reducing the price of the regular Switch model in Europe.