Nintendo Switch Online adds five new Sega Genesis games, including Altered Beast, ToeJam & Earl, etc.

Earlier this month, Nintendo surprisingly put its classic RPG Paper Mario on its Nintendo Switch Online + expansion package subscription service. Today, five new games have unexpectedly added.

However, this time, they are not Nintendo 64 games-but five Sega Genesis games. It was announced last night that Altered Beast, ToeJam & Earl, Dynamite Headdy, Sword of Vermilion and Thunder Force II can now be played on Switch for any NSO + expansion pack subscriber.

Altered Beast was first released in 1988. Of course, it is a 2D rhythm arcade style game that debuted in Sega Genesis. In ancient Greece, you played the role of an immortal werewolf, resurrected by Zeus, and rescued his daughter from Athena.You can listen to some Game informant The editors talk about it and its restart, Project Altered Beast, in this episode of the replay.

In ToeJam & Earl, you will control the alien rappers who crash landing on the earth. The game was launched on Sega Genesis in 1991 and has produced multiple sequels, including ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove, which was released two years ago.You can check our opinion on this Game informant ToeJam & Earl: Go back to Groove and comment.

Thunder Force II is a rolling shooter in 1988, first released on the Sharp X6800 computer in 1988. However, it was transplanted to Sega Genesis a year later and was one of Genesis’s original release games in the United States. As you can see in the trailer, each stage starts with a top-down view. After destroying enough bases, you can further encroach on the enemy’s territory. At this point, the game becomes a 2D scrolling shooting game. It last appeared on Genesis Mini. Oh, its music is definitely torn.

The fourth game released to NSO is Dynamite Headdy, which may be one of the strangest games in this drop. This is a 2D platform game in which you will play Headdy, a puppet, who must defeat the evil puppet king named Dark Demon. Its artistic style is very unique, and because it uses more than a dozen different power sources, it has some interesting battles. Similar to the Power of Thunder II, Dynamite Headdy last appeared on Genesis Mini.

The fifth and final game on NSO is “Sword of Cinnabar”, which is an interesting DnD-like RPG. In a part of the screen, your characters and their actions can be seen on the world map. On the side of the screen is a first-person perspective, showing that your character is moving no matter where you are. It also has 2D combat and an eye-catching artistic style. It was first released in 1989 and entered the United States in 1991 two years later.

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