Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Pricing Announced

Today’s Animal Crossing Direct details the game’s first paid extension, Happy Home Paradise. It also unexpectedly confirmed the pricing of the previously announced Nintendo Switch Online expansion, which gives players access to Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games.

Individual 12-month membership costs $49.99 per year, while family membership costs $79.99. In comparison, the 12-month single membership and family membership fees for the current tier of NSO are $19.99/$34.99, respectively. Although there are now 1-month and 3-month membership options for the basic tier of NSO, the expansion pack only provides 12-month membership. You can read the full list of N64 and Genesis games here.

Nintendo also revealed that the Happy Home Paradise expansion pack will become part of the upgraded subscription tier. This means that as long as the subscription is valid, Animal Crossing players can access DLC content. You can also purchase DLC directly for $24.99 for permanent ownership.

The expansion pack’s release window is still marked as “coming soon,” but as Happy Home will launch on November 5th, this may narrow the gap when players can expect it to launch.