Nintendo Switch Pro Controller hits a record low of $52 at Walmart

The Nintendo Switch Pro controller is one of the best controllers for Nintendo Crown consoles due to its wireless capabilities and comfort. However, it was hardly on sale, just like other Nintendo hardware.Thankfully, this Black Friday is providing shoppers with popular controllers $52 at Walmart.

In case the transaction runs out, GameStop will also sell the Nintendo Switch Pro controller for $59. This is about $11 lower than the standard $69.99. If you buy a used car, the price will even drop to $53.99. It may not seem like a lot, but it is one of the biggest discounts Pro Controller can get this year.

As mentioned earlier, there are almost no discounts on Nintendo Switch Pro controllers. Even if it’s listed, it’s not too much. Act immediately when it is low-you may not see this price until next year.

The Nintendo Switch Pro controller is suitable for small and large hands. Many people think that its buttons and joysticks are neither too rigid nor too sensitive, so it is a comfortable choice for many users.

Some people believe that third-party products can meet the demand for wireless controllers compatible with Nintendo Switch. However, the third-party controller cannot use amiibos or rumble, which feels different from the Pro controller. It is understandable that these components are different from buttons to analog joysticks. However, the degree of significance varies among users.

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