Nintendo Switch Sports uses AMD’s FidelityFX super-resolution upscaling technology

informative data miner NWPlayer123 Noticed something very interesting in the user agreement for the upcoming Nintendo Switch Sports.Game license mentions AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution Upscaling Technology Used in Nintendo Switch Sports to provide Nintendo with a newly added in-game performance boost. computer gamer A great explanation of what Nintendo Switch Sports can achieve with FidelityFX Super Resolution Upscaling. So far, no other Nintendo Switch game has used this impressive technology, and it will also be available on Valve’s upcoming Steam Deck handheld system.

“AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) technology is a really good way to give yourself a performance boost in games without having to do much for it. At least, you don’t have to spend money. With FSR enabled, visual fidelity The degree will drop slightly because you technically reduce the resolution and then use math magic to scale it again at a lower cost, but if done well you’ll have a hard time noticing it in the thick in-game action.”

computer gamer