Nintendo will shut down Splatoon 2’s online lounge feature in July

Splatoon 2’s pretty nifty online lounge feature will soon be on the road to Dodo. According to Nintendo, it will be closed from July 28th.

This feature allowed players to use the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app to set up Splatoon 2 matches and send URL links to invite friends. Online lounges will no longer be supported, but Nintendo says it has no plans to change other game-specific features of the app. So, for example, users can continue to use voice chat.

Nintendo Support page No specific reason for discontinuing the online lounge is quoted. Of course, players can set up local and online Splatoon 2 matches in-game ways, but this could be part of the game’s gradual sunset. Nintendo released the “final” big update for Splatoon 2 in the summer of 2019, but after that it continues to hold occasional Splatoon fests. The latest contest, held in January of this year, was a power-up of Mario and a battle between Super Mushrooms and Superstars (if interested, Mario won).

Meanwhile, the company is enthusiastic about manufacturing the Splatoon 3, which was announced at Nintendo Direct in February. Expected to be released in 2022, the settings will be moved from Inkopolis to the new zone Splatlands. Nintendo hasn’t provided any further details about the game since then, and wasn’t provided during the E3 Direct presentation. It’s not surprising that removing Splatoon 2’s online lounge feature has something to do with paving the way for successors.

Setting up a Splatoon 2 match with your friends in-game can be tedious (to say the least), so losing another, definitely easy way is stinking. I feel it’s a bit premature to disable this feature, as Splatoon 3 is a good way to go. Nintendo often works in a mysterious way, so I can only think of a way to go crazy.

Did you still play Splatoon 2 on a regular basis and use the online lounge feature frequently? If so, are you struggling to see it disappear? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Nintendo Customer Support via Nintendolife]