No Man’s Sky Get Nvidia DLSS Support for Smoother 4K Performance

There is no sky for a man With support for Nvidia’s Deep Learning Supersampling (DLSS) technology coming to the game this month, players will soon be able to explore vast areas of outer space at smooth frame rates up to 4K resolution. Nvidia and developer Hello A game announced on Tuesday.

DLSS is a feature specific to certain Nvidia graphics cards aimed at improving game performance and image quality. This process takes a low resolution image and uses machine learning to upscale the image without compromising quality. The image itself is rendered in low resolution and later upscaled, so this process is much easier for the computer, allowing for higher performance and frame rates.

in the case of There is no sky for a man, DLSS should mean that more players can experience the game in 4K resolution while maintaining a playable frame rate. This process may not look as good as an image natively rendered in 4K, but it may exceed the native 4K quality. To see how much performance improvement DLSS can achieve There is no sky for a manCheck out the video above. This shows the possible frame rate improvements when running games on the Nvidia RTX 2060 Super. It’s a relatively modest card when it comes to GPUs that can run DLSS.The video is also DLSS There is no sky for a man With virtual reality.

DLSS is available on Nvidia’s ray-tracing GPUs (GeForce RTX 20 Series and 30 Series graphics cards). There is no sky for a man It’s one of nine games that will get DLSS support in May.