No Man’s Sky’s Sentinel Update Releases Today

Sentinel updates are now available for no man’s sky Players, it features new enemies, a complete overhaul of the weapon system, new lore and stories, all-new Sentinel enemies and combat behaviors, the ability to reprogram and employ your own friendly AI drones, and more. /

The update includes three different types of Sentinel drones: Heavy Combat Drones, Maintenance Drones, and Summon Drones. Sentinel drone navigation has been reworked, they now deploy static combat shields, and a new premium Sentinel, hardframe combat armor has been added.

You can also expect updated PC support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0, improved VR image quality for PS4 Pro, and enabled support for Nvidia DLAA for PC players with compatible RTX cards. And, for PC players with compatible RTX cards, Nvidia DLSS support has been upgraded to version 2.3.0.

Some physics optimizations, load time optimizations, and many memory optimizations were introduced in the patch.

It also adds the new technology Minotaur AI autopilot to Space Anomaly. When the AI ​​is active and the player is walking, the Minotaur will try to follow the player and assist them in combat.

Added a new class of weapon – the Neutron Cannon – a charged energy weapon that does not use projectiles. Added a new class of secondary grenade launchers – Paralyzing Mortars, and added a new secondary multi-tool utility – Stealth.

In terms of weapons and combat, Sentinels now deploy more troops to create more dramatic firefights. Plasma grenades now only deal 10% of the full damage to the player who fired them, reducing the risk of fatal accidents and increasing the base damage of the Pulser. Heavy weapons (such as the Flame Javelin or Scattering Shockwave) now use stronger recoil animations, and weapon projectiles now pulse Sentinel drones, pushing them back.

There are also some quality of life updates included in the patch. For example, transfers between destinations within the same system are significantly faster, the cap on owned multi-tools has been increased from three to six, consumables now describe in a pop-up what effect they will have, etc. .

Improved VFX, fixed some base building issues, increased the maximum number of companions from 6 to 18, a new building type, Sentinel Columns, which can now be found on planets throughout the universe, Alien Creature Expeditions About to start.

It’s just an expectation of an update, so you’ll want View the entire patch notes on the official website.