No new witcher games revealed during WitcherCon2021

With WitcherCon in the immediate vicinity, many fans are preparing to learn more about The Witcher and the various shows surrounding the story.This includes Netflix The witcher Season 2 and anime adaptation. As confirmed in the fully released schedule, what you don’t need to offer is the announcement of a new The Witcher game.

This little clarification is needed, as the rumored mill began to swirl at the same time as the first ever exposure of WitcherCon, and for good reason. CD Projekt RED has already confirmed that a new witcher experience is currently underway, in addition to the work being done in Cyberpunk 2077. The official one revealed by the Polish studio as the studio members participate in WitcherCon on some panels. The full schedule can be seen below, so it’s time to reign a bit on those expectations:

WitcherCon has many ways for fans to enjoy our favorite fantasy series, including interactive panels in showcases that highlight the different teams that brought The Witcher to life. This includes teams such as Netflix and games to share deeper insights into the franchise. WitcherCon explores further folklore that drives everything, while delving into extended folklore such as the adaptation of anime films and comics.

The first stream starts at 1:00 pm EST on July 9th and the second stream starts at 9:00 pm EST on the same day.Interested fans can adjust on both YouTube And Cramps At each link.Learn more about upcoming stream events Here..

What do you want to see from WitcherCon in the future? What is the release date for Netflix’s The Witcher Season 2? Let’s take a closer look at future anime. Does it reveal confirmation that you were disappointed that there was no new game? Don’t dream those dreams. Shout out those hopes in the comments section below!