No One Can Save the World Coming to PlayStation and Switch This Month Joins Local Co-Op

One of January’s best games is coming to more platforms in less than two weeks. Drinkbox Studios has announced that Nobody Saves the World will be released on PlayStation consoles and Switch this month.

In addition to the new console version of Nobody Saves the World, Drinkbox will introduce local co-op to all versions of the game on the same day. It previously featured online co-op, but this update will allow multiple people to play together in the same room, and possibly even the same couch. What a concept! The Switch version can be played in desktop mode with one Joy-Con per player, while the PS5 and PS4 versions will get cross-generational online gaming compatibility.

A new trailer was released alongside an announcement showing gameplay and touting the review scores the game received when it was originally released a few months ago.

No One Saves the World puts players in the role of a frail “nobody” who has acquired the wand of a powerful wizard, allowing him to change his form at will. He will have to use this metamorphosis to clear out the stupid corrupt kingdom that plagues the land. I really enjoyed my time in Nobody Saves the World, giving the Xbox and PC versions an 8.25 out of 10. It’s fun, quirky, and gives players a lot of expression in a versatile form exchange system. Read my full review to see why it’s worth checking out.

Drinkbox Studios will launch No One Saves the World on April 14 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Switch. You can now play it on Xbox consoles via Game Pass and PC.