No one saves the world release date announced, release later this month

No one saves the world, Guacamelee developer Drinkbox Studios’ upcoming action role-playing game has been released in less than two weeks.

More specifically, it will be released on January 18. As previously announced, it will land on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC via Windows 10 and Steam at a price of $24.99. However, if you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber or a Microsoft PC Game Pass member, the game will launch these services on the first day, which means you can download them for free.

I hope you also have a friend queuing to play Nobody Saves the World, because the game has an online cooperation function, although it does not have a cross-play function, so you need to play with your friends on the same platform.

In the world where no one saves, you control a “no one with no characteristics”, which can become a variety of different animals and creatures, including slugs, ghosts, dragons, mice, robots, and so on. You need to switch between more than 15 different forms, which have the ability to mix and match to unlock and complete tasks to advance the narrative of the game.

Speaking of abilities, Drinkbox says that there are more than 80 different forms of abilities, which means that each player may have their own custom build that suits them best. You can play as an egg that leaves a string of slime behind you or a mouse that shoots a fireball-the choice is up to you.

If you are interested in the soundtrack created by the composer Jim Guthrie (Below, Sword and Sorcery), you can buy it on Steam and other platforms when the game is released on January 18.

Nobody Saves the World was announced in March and quickly became another exciting title for Drinkbox. For more information, please watch the “Today’s New Gameplay” section on this game.

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