No, we didn’t get any “big game news” about fables from Xbox today

We’re sorry to tell you this: the Xbox Game Studios Publishing Twitter account did not make fun of the news about the Fable game being developed by Playground Games or any Fable-related games (though it seems to be the case).

Yesterday, fans began to speculate that after two tweets, some fable news will be announced today. Xbox Game Studio Publishing It seems to be teasing such information. The first tweet was written like this:

We are very happy to start something special tomorrow! (Give us another day to prepare the chicken.) 🐔

The tweet has been deleted, which is why it appears as a screenshot of the Slack message above.That tweet is not necessarily Scream Fables, but when it comes to preparing chickens and chicken expressions, some fans of fables say, “Maybe…”

Then, Xbox Game Studios Publishing replied to its own tweet with another tweet that has now been deleted, which reads as follows:

We call it our fable anniversary, but the name has already been adopted.

Okay, so that account mentions the fable first! This has further triggered speculation about today’s news and fables. It should also be pointed out that these two seemingly related fables also happened four days before the 13th anniversary of Fable 2 released on October 21, 2008.

Fable game news speculation reached its peak at this time-maybe it was the 2nd anniversary edition of Fable, or maybe it was a new perspective on the upcoming Fable of Playground? – Then, later in the day, the same account basically tweeted that today’s announcement has nothing to do with “any major game news”.

Sorry for any confusion! We don’t have any major game news tomorrow, nor any information about the upcoming Fable game at Playground.

In this way, our hopes and dreams for the release of “Fables 2nd Anniversary Edition”, that is, “Fables Anniversary Edition”, no longer exist. Maybe this is all a troll from Xbox Game Studios Publishing. However, it seems more likely that the account is making fun of things that have nothing to do with fables, such as anniversary merchandise, and our wandering/hopeful minds directly enter the “fable game please”.

Fair play, Xbox-we are happy to be able to play more fables. Can you blame us?

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