Nobuo Uematsu explains vocals added to Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster’s opera scene

FINAL FANTASY FINAL FANTASY VI, which received a pixel remake, was released on February 23rd. Many things remain the way they were in the original game, including the fact that you can ride the train (which is not a sure thing, as tweets two weeks before launch showed a version of Phantom Train that wasn’t flipped). One thing that has changed is the famous opera scene, which has had a visual overhaul, with 2D characters in front of a 3D background, like Octopath Traveler, and vocals in seven languages.

In a recent promotional video (thanks role-playing game website For the translation), original composer Nobuo Uematsu explained that he came up with the idea of ​​adding vocals to Square Enix “half-jokingly” and didn’t expect it to actually happen. “I think it’s going to be impossible or difficult,” he said.