Norton subsidiary Avira is launching a crypto mining app that will take most of your profits

Yesterday, we wrote about Norton’s Crypto software, which allows users to mine Ethereum directly through Norton’s security software through an easy-to-use interface. We talked about the many issues that came up, not to mention the exorbitant 15% fee that Norton got rid of.Avira’s security software was banned because Norton would make huge sums of money Set to include similar applications. Avira is a newly acquired subsidiary of Norton.

Avira Crypto appears to work in much the same way as Norton Crypto. In all fairness, the feature is optional and disabled by default. Its ease of use and legitimacy are positive. The basic premise is that users use the processing power of their PCs to earn ether, although Avira says other tokens will be considered in the future. Given that crypto mining requires some technical knowledge, it can be considered an easy entry into the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

(Image credit: Avira)

However, concerns remain. The cryptocurrency ecosystem still resembles the Wild West. There are ongoing security, economic, tax, political and environmental concerns. The traditional financial system has yet to catch up. This means that showing such mining software to users who do not fully understand cryptocurrencies is dangerous, if not downright shady. Never underestimate the lure of what some might misinterpret as “free money”.