November’s PS Plus lineup has been leaked

According to a Post on Dealabs, A community forum where a dedicated moderator publishes and verifies information, has released leaked details of the PlayStation Plus lineup in November. According to this leak, four of the six games included are as follows:

  • The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners (PlayStation VR)
  • Amaru Kingdom: Re-liquidation (PS4)
  • Level 1 question (PS4 / PS5)
  • Knockout City (PS4/PS5)

First Class Trouble will be available in Early Access on Steam from April 8, 2021, and Announcement trailer The PS4 and PS5 versions were only released one month ago. The game has not yet determined a complete release date, but if these leaks are true, it means that the complete game must be launched sometime between now and November 2.

The leaker named Billbil-kun previously leaked the October and September PS Plus lineup information on Dealabs. The leaker claimed that it was a surprise to leave the remaining two games on PS Plus in November, and claimed that they may be revealed in today’s broadcast status.

According to the leaker, the remaining two games are PS VR games. The information provided to Dealabs’ review team also claimed that The Sexy Brutale will be added to replace Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning.

If these leaks are accurate, this looks like a quite promising option. Knockout City proved to be a surprise when it came out earlier this year, and “Amaru Kingdom: Recalculation” is a completely reworked version of the narrative stellar role-playing game written by the famous writer RA Salvatore. The latter title was recently ported to Switch, if you haven’t played it yet, it’s definitely worth playing.

The other two are not slacking. First Class Trouble’s current ratings are mostly positive steam, And the walking dead: the current health status of the saints and sinners is 79/100 Meta critic For those PS VR owners.

The PS Plus November free game lineup will be available for download on November 2nd. Subscribers can download and play these games for free until December 7.