Nvidia and AMD are engaged in an upgraded arms race, this is just the beginning

When you think of PC performance, you think of graphics cards. These components are tractors that pull performance plows through pixel fields, use a clumsy specific analogy, and won’t change quickly. Although there are reasons to upgrade technology as another way to enhance the PC, we are just getting started.

AMD’s FSR has received a lot of game support in a short period of time, and Nvidia is also vigorously promoting DLSS support. (Image source: Future)

At the 2022 International Consumer Electronics Show, we see AMD and Nvidia compete fiercely in the field of mobile graphics and budget GPUs, but what’s new? These two are always at the throat of PC graphics dominance. However, what impressed me was how AMD established Radeon Super Resolution (RSR), which is a branch of FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), which is applicable to almost all games produced and made it an important part of its programming. It’s better than you think.