Nvidia calls Arm ‘most important CPU architecture of the next decade’ as it officially ends buyout bid

Nvidia is no longer buying Arm from SoftBank, following stiff regulation from across the globe. The GPU giant released a statement officially terminating its acquisition attempt, which would have made records in tech at even the conservative $40B outlay. Nvidia will, however, remain a 20-year license of what it’s CEO has described as the “most important CPU architecture of the next decade.”

“Arm has a bright future, and we’ll continue to support them as a proud licensee for decades to come,” Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, says. “Arm is at the center of the important dynamics in computing. Though we won ‘t be one company, we will partner closely with Arm. The significant investments that Masa has made have positioned Arm to expand the reach of the Arm CPU beyond client computing to supercomputing, cloud, AI and robotics.”