Nvidia claims that its virtual RTX 3080 service will outperform the local Xbox Series X in all aspects

Nvidia announced that it will provide premium Tier 3 memberships for its cloud streaming service GeForce Now. With RTX 3080 membership, at $99 every six months, subscribers will have effective access to their own virtual GeForce RTX 3080 gaming PC. This means you can turn a low-spec desktop or work laptop into a high-end gaming PC through the cloud.

Powering these virtual machines is Nvidia’s new supercomputer called GeForce Now Superpod. They match AMD Threadripper CPUs with Nvidia Ampere GPUs, and these technical beasts can provide 39,200 Teraflops, 11,477,760 CUDA cores, and 8,960 CPU cores, respectively. Your membership reserves a large chunk of these cores for your virtual PC, and these cores will then stream your games directly to almost any device you have.