Nvidia’s festive Minecraft map packs RTX-powered wonderland into a snowball

‘This is the season of holiday games. This year, Nvidia launched another graphic display cabinet, adding a snow-covered winter world to its Minecraft RTX display cabinet series as part of a charity fundraising event.

Created by the prolific Minecraft builder Ushio “Dr_Bond” Tokura (who previously built Nvidia’s water adventure RTX display), Winter World provides a short trip through a holiday wonderland spanning three giant snowballs, consisting of a series of The composition of the task of happy old gifts-the villain himself.

(Image source: Microsoft)

After looking for a mailbox and loose buttons for Santa in the dark forest, you will be taken to a bustling winter market. It is here that RTX can really exert its muscles, the string lights are reflected from the cobblestone pavement and bend in the ice sculpture. A magnificent hall overlooks this scene, and its dark windows provide an almost perfect reflection of the illuminated scene behind.

Perhaps the strangest effect of RTX comes from the sky itself. The winter world takes place in a series of huge snowballs, but Minecraft is Minecraft. These spheres are made up of thousands of glass blocks. The reflections flicker on its surface and blend together strangely, giving each scene an almost dreamlike quality.

(Image source: Microsoft)

Winter World also contains a complete reproduction of the Great Ormond Street Hospital of London Children’s Hospital, and the world was created for this purpose.The QR code in the game will link you to the hospital donation page Christmas fundraiser home.