Nvidia’s tiny bus-powered RTX A2000 pro card delivers RTX 3050-level gaming performance

It’s a bit of a shame that current-generation Nvidia and AMD cards prioritize power efficiency and performance per watt less. Large benchmark numbers sell cards more than relative power numbers. However, there are many users who don’t use powerful power supplies or use OEM systems that can’t accommodate huge graphics cards. There is a market for low power cards.

Sadly, no current generation of GeForce or Radeon cards has a TDP low enough to omit the PCIe power connector. Not even the weak RX 6500 XT can handle it, but there is an ampere card that does. It’s a workstation-oriented RTX A2000. It has a 70W TDP, which is low enough to draw power exclusively from the PCIe slot. Can you still play? youtuber asked and answered this question Random Game HD, he ran the little A2000 through a set of benchmarks.