Oblivion 15 years later, Skyrim Anniversary Edition offers free vests

The Skyrim Anniversary Edition has arrived. Those who own the Skyrim Special Edition can get some free gifts, and those who are willing to buy the new version can get more than 500 shares of extra gifts. But there is an added benefit, which is also a long-standing meme-the famous (and controversial at the time) horse armor from Oblivion can be provided to Skyrim for free through the Creation Club.

If you don’t understand why Oblivion’s vest is worthwhile, we can give you a quick idea. As early as 2006, Bethesda provided an advanced vest for “The Elder Scrolls 4: Annihilation”, which seemed ridiculous at the time. Who will pay $2.50 for cosmetics in a single player game? Why would Bethesda think someone would do this? The idea was ridiculous, and “vest” quickly became a generic term for any developer who sold premium add-ons for a few extra dollars.