October Animal Crossing directly reveals November content updates

New free updates are coming soon Animal Crossing: New Horizons In November, Nintendo will share detailed information through a dedicated Direct demo next month.

No broadcast date is provided.

Nintendo said as early as July that it was updating content, and it sounds like this is an update.

Although the short trailer didn’t reveal much, it did confirm that a cafe called The Roost was about to join the game, which means you can expect Brewster to be included. It seems that the character will be located near the art gallery.

If you are not familiar with this role, Brewster is a pigeon working on the ground floor of his store or museum. He has a special liking for coffee. In the previous game, he sold a cup of coffee to players for 200 Bells a day.

He also prefers the players to drink his coffee while it is hot. The more they drink, the friendlier Brewster will become. It is said that he may be a bit grumpy, but considering that his shop is open 24/7, this is not surprising. The poor guy needs a break.

The latest updates to the game appear in the form of seasonal events, such as the annual June Bug-Off tournament. A separate game from the fishing game is held once a month throughout the summer, and the last game will be held tomorrow, September 25. Another fishing game will be held on the second Saturday in October and January, so please pay attention to the calendars for October 9th and January 8th.

Another minor update occurred in July, including new seasonal items and a weekly firework show.