Ode to Dogmeat in Fallout 4 after the inspiration for a real dog named River has passed

It’s always a sad day for someone in our community to die. It also includes dog companions that make life a little better. I learned that River, the dog behind Fallout 4’s adorable Dogmeat, has died. Dogs are too pure for this world and love everything we have, so I wanted to take some time to honor this bell pepper.

News of River’s death was shared on Twitter by Fallout 4 senior designer Joel Burgess. Burgess shared a heartfelt thread detailing the turbulent life of the river, the game-inspired life, lots of treats, and all the pets that deserve a good puppy.

In Fallout 4 games, Dogmeat was a loyal companion who could help rebuild settlements and get the resources they needed, and was always there to provide smiles to survivors in a world where happiness is rarely seen. ..I firmly believe that in-game animals make animals infinitely good and have companions (not killed in-game, thank you very much) Is absolutely the best. Dogmeat is right there for me along with the Dragon Age series Mabari. A good boy will do his best to make our lives a little better.

Burgess elaborated on River’s life in a thread talking about how this amazing little pill affected the presence of dogmeat in the game. He even stated that River won an award for her loyal work in the game. River was a model for Dogmeat, but her facial expression was a perfect fit for her fallout role. River was known for her love, where many “working” dogs are known for their faces. While the team was investigating the German Shepherd’s role in Dogmeat, they encountered “a myriad of images of German Shepherd’s groaning, all teeth, and attacking posture.” It’s not a river. The river had a smile that could brighten the room, she was easily guided, took instructions, and she shared her love with everyone.

Burgess further elaborated on the fact that everyone who came across the river fell in love with her immediately, and that Dogmeat’s personality made her a very model. It’s also her voice you hear in the game!

“Dogmeat is a jumpsuit,” Burgess continued. “He roots you in the world, always supports you, guides you to your family and anticipates your needs. He wants you to be safe and happy. In other words. , He loves you, and if love is a legacy of the river, I’m happy. Rest assured, a big girl. “

I’m not crying, you are crying