Official Mad Moxxi Ballantine Whiskey Borderlands and Liquor Partner

world Borderlands Unexpected new pairing between Borderlands franchise and Borderlands franchise will collide with booze Ballantine’s Whiskey.

As part of the collaboration, Borderlands owner Gearbox is working with alcohol manufacturer Pernod Richard in what the two companies call a “long-term partnership” that will see the two brands intertwined.

The partnership was introduced via a new video featuring the regular Moxxi from the Borderlands franchise – and of course Claptrap. It also serves as a responsible drinking PSA, which is a nice touch.

One element of the partnership is the role of Bar-owning Borderlands character Mad Moxxi in the company’s role as “Chief Galactic Expansion Officer.” Another one that’s actually more meaningful will be the limited-edition Ballentine’s Whisky dubbed the “Moxxi’s Bar Edition,” which comes in a proper purple bottle adorned with all the Borderlands icons you’d expect.

These bottles aren’t just a limited-edition promotional item for influencers, they’re actually a real product that will be available at some point in the future. Gamers who pick up a bottle not only get some Ballentine blended scotch, but also some sort of content unlock for Borderlands 3.Further information will be provided by Moxie’s new Twitter account at the right time.

This latest partnership appears to be just another part of the ongoing expansion of the Borderlands franchise. There’s a movie coming out — it’s going to feature a different plot than the game — and a spinoff of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, which was just released last month.