Old School RuneScape Shattered Relics Coalition Launches Today

this is a great moment Old School RuneScape current player, as Broken Ruins Alliance Already online! This is a new challenging game mode for players to dive into, using triathlon rules to prevent players from trading and participating in PvP.

Players participating in the Shattered Relics league must compete through the content available to them to earn valuable rewards. These, in turn, will allow them to access increasingly difficult content and relive the game in a whole new way.

During the tutorial, everything is locked. Players first unlock the limited skills they can use, including defense, theft, fishing, and a combat skill of their choice. With these, they have to work their way out of the early game, unlocking new skills as they progress.

To help them achieve this, powerful relics are scattered around the world, which players can acquire through skills, mini-games, and defeating powerful bosses. These provide powerful buffs and strange alterations to any character who gets them, as key boons needed to take on the upper echelons of available content. For players willing to experiment, these relics can combine to create extraordinary skill sets.

I must admit, it’s been a while since I got into Old School RuneScape. Broken Alliance wants to mix the typical level-up experience with a sweet experience buff multiplier that makes the whole experience faster, which is probably why I need to get back into it.

These leagues have proven successful in capturing the attention of the Old School RuneScape community before, with the old Trail Blazers league attracting around 170,000 concurrent players back in 2020. Fingers crossed the league this time around will prove just as popular.

Shattered League will run from today until March 3rd. So if you’ve been wanting to go back to Old School RuneScape, now may be the time to do so. If you’re planning to jump into Old School RuneScape, tell us why below!