OlliOlli World E3 Preview: Cartoon skate series on PC and console

At the first level of OlliOlli WorldJump off the skateboard promenade. While riding, some people are eating outside under a large umbrella along the coast. While riding the rails on the swimmer, I land the backside grind. Confetti flies over the screen as I nailed the sick trick. The world is dripping with warm pink shades and turquoise accents. It’s a beautiful day and everything feels good.

The summer atmosphere is part of OlliOlli World, A cartoon 2.5D skateboard action platformer that will appear on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X this winter.It’s made by the back studio Roll7 Laser league And Not a hero (not to mention OlliOlli And OlliOlli 2).In it, you play as a skater joining a new crew who has decided to travel the whimsical world of Radlandia...

To OlliOlli World, You glide comfortably along the track and speed up with time jumps and tricks to increase your jumps and tricks. (In other words, it’s pretty standard in a skateboarding game.) Instead of hanging out in a single skatepark, the game takes you on an epic adventure across Radlandia with your friends. Different zones have their own mechanisms and failures. In the PC preview build, I played a town like Southern California and a jungle biome filled with giant blue toad-like toads under the jump and bees floating overhead.

In the third installment of the OlliOlli series, developers wanted to take the franchise in a new direction.

“In previous OlliOlli games, people really loved mechanics, but very few players went beyond the first realm of the game. After spending a lot of time setting all these cool challenges. It was kind of tragic, “later in the game,” Roll7 creative director John Ribbins told Polygon. OlliOlli World It was built with the idea of ​​allowing more players to enjoy the entire game.

OlliOlli World I don’t turn my nose to anyone. Sure, I fail some runs, but if you just want to relax and cruise, you always have the option of taking a different route. You can easily learn the game by pushing the left control stick in various directions, jumping with the touch of a button and performing tricks. When I get started, my new crew of goofy dads, ambitious videographers, and their friends teaches one skill at a time. Generous and friendly, OlliOlli World I feel like I’m being accepted by the friendly kids in my neighborhood and teaching me something new. Later, I’ll meet new, sometimes strange friends — like a talking fish that gives good luck.

Ribbins told Polygon that Roll7 wants to go back to the OlliOlli game to create a “more completely rounded experience.” In addition to new zones and some folklore, there is a fleshy world with fun characters. You can also customize your character with cute costumes.

“Historically, when thinking about skate games, they tend to be empty places that lack a lot of life,” Ribbins said. “We have embarked on the creation of a game and world that hopes to bring smiles to people’s faces!”

These elements, combined with the feeling of flying in an unbound world, OlliOlli World It feels like a decent celebration of returning to the outside world again. After a year of quarantine, we can all go out and meet some weirdos. It captures the feeling of jumping into a bigger world for the first time — and feels the atmosphere is right.