One of the best games of the year made headlines on Game Pass in October

Microsoft announced a strong game lineup Xbox Game Pass In the rest of October. As always, first-party Microsoft projects and the usual classification of independent and AAA projects will be launched into the service.

Starting today, Outriders log on to PC Game Pass, and independent retro FPS Into the Pit, log on to PC, game consoles and Cloud.

October 21 Saw the release of three games. Dragon Ball FighterZ logs on to the console and Cloud Game Pass. The independent turn-based adventure Echo Generation is launched in Game Pass on PCs, consoles and the cloud. The excellent space shooting game Everspace 2 also landed on PC Game Pass on the same day.

October 28 Seeing the launch of Age of Empires 4, it dropped on the service (PC) at the same time it was released on the digital store. Five other games will also be launched on the same day through Game Pass, starting with the time loop mystery The Forgotten City (PC, console and Cloud), which is derived from the Skyrim mod.

Backbone (console), Nongunz: Doppelganger version (PC, console and cloud) and Bassmaster Fishing 2022 (PC, console and Cloud) will all be released on October 28. Finally, you have Alan Wake’s American Nightmare on PC and console worth looking forward to the game pass.