One of the best roguelike games of all time is getting a 3D remake with rewind

Desktop Dungeons (opens in new tab) Originally released in 2011, it was a game that I instantly fell in love with. Nor in some suave, well-mannered way: our passionate dungeon-crawling sessions will continue into the wee hours of the wee hours of the wee hours of the wee hours as I barely die, and the number of modifiers in myriad and mastery is endless.

sorry. This is a great game! Even if you’ve never played Desktop Dungeons, you’ve played one of the games that was subsequently influenced by its clever ideas. It plays like a kind of mini-Roguelike, with the success of each run or otherwise progressing to the next, with an overarching character and career system and things like gods who set the “rules” for your game. A standout element of the design is that you heal by exploring, making a good route-planning mindset as important as a great sword.