One of the early thoughts on the ending of Mass Effect 3 involved the Harvest God instead of Star Child

YouTube People make games Asked several former BioWare developers who worked on “Mass Effect 3” what they thought about the ending, especially about putting Extended Cut together-this update expanded the ending and resolved some complaints from players. This is a great video that is worth watching, especially as it highlights the extra crunch that developers must go through after completing Mass Effect 3 in order to integrate Extended Cut.

But before that, it also explained that during the development process, most people on the team did not know how Mass Effect 3 would end. Film designer John Ebenger said: “Many of us don’t have a high level of understanding of the actual ending.” Game designer Manveer Heir explained that the ending was “too late”, which was long before then. For a long time, only animation-the video equivalent of a storyboard-existed.